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My first Lootcrate finally arrived! 

The bad: My post-person felt the need to leave it on the doorstep of my apartment because it didn’t fit in my mailbox and ANYONE could have stolen it. I mean the box says ‘LootCrate’ right on the top of it, it might as well just say, “Please steal me, there is cool stuff inside.” 

The eh: The women’s shirts actually run large! I am used to having to order shirts well larger than I actually wear with a girl-fit shirt, but the size I ordered was very big. Fortunately, I can shrink it and I’ve gone down a size for next time. 


I’ll probably share my loot around— I’m not the biggest DC fan, so the Joker and Harley posters will probably go to a friend. But I’m stoked about Vader and I’m really interested to watch the DC villain documentary. I hope it’s interesting and vaguely academic/historical and not just “Here are all the DC villains”. 

Even though I’m not stoked for everything, I think it’s a good value for money, it’s a great treat at the end of the month, and it will make my friends in other fandoms happy as I share my loot around. :)

Next month’s theme is Heroes! *Crosses fingers for X-Men, Avengers, or Star Wars*

Java Jackets— re-usable fabric alternatives to those cardboard sleeves for your coffee cups, in Star Wars, Sherlock, Star Trek and Marvel varieties. Available in my storenvy!

tattooedfeminist replied to your photoset “I FINALLY made an oven mitt. It’s been requested in the past and I…”

Basically i want to buy everything in your store

Thanks! It means a lot to me that people like what I’m making. :)

I FINALLY made an oven mitt. It’s been requested in the past and I just never got around to it! But it turned out super cute!

Available here

Throw pillow covers! In three sizes: 14”, 16”, 18”. Dress up your bed or couch! Handpainted smiley face. Machine washable.

Now available in my store!

At long last, and by popular demand (Hey there, makokitten!) the Irene Apron. Unfortunately I didn’t have a riding crop to put in the pocket. :(

Available in my store


If you liked the aprons I posted earlier in the week, my fabric store has discontinued both the World Of Goldfish AND Sussex Downs print, which makes them ONE OF A KIND. If you can’t live without them, buy them before they go to someone else!!

Some pictures I took on a walk. So many sailboats out today!

wayward sherlockian in MA


So, my significant other of 5 years and I are parting ways, amicably. He’s going to help me move back out to the east coast and move in with my parents in Worcestor, MA for a bit, until I can arrange something else. I’d really like to live in either Worcestor or Boston (or Somerville, JP, Cambridge, etc etc). If anyone has a heads up for a place that might have space for me, I’d love to hear about it.

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