221B Baking Street

Okay, forgive the terrible pictures, but JUST finished this and I really wanted to show this off. (The damp spots are water from washing off the washable ink. I couldn’t wait for the water to dry!)

This is a Sherlock-inspired laptop bag. It fits a 10x14 laptop, has a Velcro enclosure, and an adjustable nylon strap. The flap is reinforced with canvas and the bag body has plenty of padding and is stiff to hold it’s shape. I’ll paint a yellow smiley face on there somewhere. Not sure where yet. On the flap? Under the flap? On the back? What do you think?

I may offer it in my Storenvy store if there’s interest. What would you be willing to pay for something like this? Not sure how much to charge yet. I’ll add up my materials tomorrow and see if I can make it financially feasible to sell them. All the lining materials are a little spendy as are the strap findings. :P

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    Thanks! They’ll be going in my store later in the week, for around $40 each. I’ll probably paint a smiley face in the...
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    I WANT this!!!
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    I would so buy this.